To NAB or not to NAB…

I love beginnings. I love the feeling of a fresh start. I love the dawn of a new day, start of the week, first of the month, a new season, and especially a new year! Today is the first Sunday of Advent. Advent is a time of preparation. We simultaneously await the birth of Christ and His return in glory. It is the start of a new liturgical year. Advent is a beginning, and so is this blog.

This year, we began with a “new” (revised) English translation of the OF mass. In a wonderful homily, our priest asked us to consider how we might use this new beginning to grow spiritually. He also talked about reclaiming our Catholic Identity. All of this resonated deeply within me.

I’ve been Catholic for almost 7 years. I am just beginning to appreciate how much I have to learn and how far I have to go to reach that perfection commanded of us by Christ. I am frequently lax in my prayers and in my religious study. I always resolve to do more, but I always seem to hit that “spiritual snooze button”. However, I love being a student and I love having a project. That is what this blog is… it is my spiritual “project”. For the next 2 years I intend to read the daily scripture readings, but I wish to offer my very meager commentary on and comparison of the NAB to the Douay.

Why? Well, I was raised on the KJV bible. When I converted to Catholicism, I always found something “off” about the readings during mass. It didn’t “sound” like the Bible to me. After doing a little research, I discovered the Douay-Rheims bible. Here I found my comfort restored. Still, everyone assured me that the NAB was just the scripture in “modern” English. So, I began casually comparing the two. I found that there were some very disconcerting differences.  More and more I became concerned that some of these changes were diluting the message of the scriptures. Now, with the revised English translation of the mass, a translation more faithful to the Latin, I am wondering if it should follow that I look for a more faithful translation of the scriptures.

This will be a record of my 2 year journey to deepen my understanding of Holy Scripture as I deepen my appreciation of the Douay version of the Bible.


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